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The International Baccalaureate

IB programmes aim to provide an education that enables students to make sense of the complexities of the world around them, as well as equipping them with the skills and dispositions needed for taking responsible action for the future. They provide an education that crosses disciplinary, cultural, national and geographical boundaries, and that champions critical engagement, stimulating ideas and meaningful relationships.


The International Baccalaureate (IB) is a non-profit mission-driven organization committed to providing a high quality and international-minded education. The IB works with 5,400 schools in 159 countries educating an estimate of 2,000,000 students worldwide.

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The Learner Profile

The IB learner profile places the student at the centre of an IB education by embracing and promoting ten traits that embody not only a learner, but a global citizen.

Inquirer, Knowledgeable, Thinker, Communicator, Principled, Open-Minded, Caring, Risk-Taker, Balanced, and Reflective.



Teachers play a pivotal role in fostering international-mindedness by facilitating open discussions about global issues, challenging stereotypes, and cultivating empathy and understanding among students, equipping them to become responsible and compassionate global citizens.

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Incorporating open-ended projects and problem-solving tasks into the curriculum nurtures critical thinking skills and nurtures a culture where curiosity and inquisitiveness are celebrated. By valuing and rewarding curiosity, students can forge a lifelong love for learning and become enthusiastic, self-driven, and adept at seeking knowledge beyond the classroom

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