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Primary Years: PYP

The Primary Years Program (PYP) at the International School of Kungsholmen ranges from age 5 to 12 and provides an environment where students are encouraged to take responsibility for their own learning and develop authentic conceptual understandings of the content areas, as well as cultivate social skills and global perspectives.

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Transdisciplinary Themes

Each content area is taught within a transdisciplinary theme. These six themes are taught in five week units in each grade level of the PYP in order to promote conceptual understanding as they progress through the program.

Who We Are

How We Express Ourselves

Where We Are in Place and Time

Sharing the Planet

How the World Works

How We Organize Ourselves


During each unit, the students will explore concepts related to the content of the unit. These concepts encourage students to see the connections between content areas, and provide them with the skills to more deeply inquire into subject areas.

Key Concepts:

Form, Function, Responsibility, Reflection, Causation, Connection, Change, and Perspective.

Approaches to Learning

Approaches to Learning (ATLs) are the skills that the students will be developed and assessed throughout the units of inquiry. We want the students to take a role in their learning by discussing, analyzing, and truly understanding the skills that they will develop as they learn. 

The ATL categories:

Thinking Skills

Communication Skills

Social Skills

Research Skills

Self Management Skills

Taking Action

What do we do with what we've learned?

From community service projects to promoting awareness, action takes shape in many different ways. As students use their knowledge to take action, they will also reflect on how their learning can make a meaningful impact on an individual, local, and global level.

PYP Exhibition

A Culmination of the PYP Experience

In PYP 6, the end of the PYP program, the students will investigate and inquire into a topic of their choosing. Throughout the exhibition, students will exhibit their knowledge and understanding of the Transdisciplinary Themes, Concepts, Skills, and Action by creating their own unit of inquiry to share with the school community.

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