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International School of Kungsholmen

Located at Stadshagsvägen 7, our main building boasts generous classroom sizes, group rooms, a playground, and close proximity to local parks. 



Eknäs Gård

Eknäs Gård is a recreational facility situated next to a nature reserve. Our students have the opportunity to take a few school trips a year out to Eknäs to experience rock climbing, nature hikes, swimming, and farm life during the warmer months. 

Kulturskolan Gym Hall

Down the street from the International School of Kungsholmen is Kulturskolan. This facility is home to many after school programs, but is also the venue for our physical education classes for our younger students. 

Sports and Fitness Accessories
Sneaker and Tennis Ball

KFUM Gym Hall

Our older students commute to their physical education lessons located at KFUM in Odenplan. 

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